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Juni Felix: You are Worth the Work

June 01, 2022 Juni Felix Season 3 Episode 46
Stories of Change & Creativity
Juni Felix: You are Worth the Work
Show Notes

JUNI FELIX was born into a whirlwind of trauma, abuse and poverty.    Her mother was adopted from Tokyo when she was 4 years old.  Juni says her mother never healed from her adoption abandonment wound.   She watched her Mom struggle with loss her entire life. Juni spent her entire childhood on suicide watch over her mother.   Today, Juni Felix is an advocate and champion for mental health, helping others begin their own healing journey. 

JUNI calls trauma 'bad code in the brain."

During our interview, Juni talks about her mother's death, her own sugar addition and lifelong healing journey.  Her story was featured in BJ Fogg's bestselling book, Tiny Habits:  The Small Changes that Change Everything. 

is the bestselling author of You are Worth the Work – Moving Forward from Trauma to Faith, a member of Dr. BJ Fogg’s (Stanford University) Behavior Design Teaching Team, a C.S. Lewis Institute Fellow, speaker, radio and podcast host. In her spare time, she’s a distance runner, video gamer and sci-fi movie buff. 

Juni's motto is “Kindness is a superpower”  She offers the following guidance: 

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Speak the truth 
  • Learn who you are
  • Celebrate your healing journey

As a woman of faith, Juni explains that God is a 'systems guy." 

Juni has offered our listeners “The Gift of Sorrow” eBook as a free gift.  The Password for the gift is FAITHFUL1

Reach out to Juni Felix for more information or to volunteer to be a mentor.  

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