Stories of Change & Creativity

Friendship: Wendy and Grace

March 13, 2022 Wendy Conklin & Grace Capwell Season 3 Episode 40
Stories of Change & Creativity
Friendship: Wendy and Grace
Show Notes

Listen in as three good friends meet over margaritas and talk about family and the meaning of friendship. I've wanted to do an interview with my two friends - Wendy Conklin and Grace Capwell - for some time.  Wendy is the founder of Chair Whimsy.   Grace Capwell is a strategic communications leader.   

Over the years we've shared our experiences as women......moms, wives, daughters, aunts and sisters.  We're all different ages and in various stages of our lives.   We met when our children were young and have been friends for years.   

Wendy, Grace and I sat around the dining room table and shared dinner, margaritas and stories about friendship.   And yes, we laughed a lot.   

Key Take Aways

  • Good friends happen when you least expect it. Be open to the possibility
  • You don't need a lot of friends, one or two is all you need
  • Make friends with  interesting people who are doers, go-getters
  • Be honest with your friends, tell them the pains not just the 'good' stuff
  • Look for people who are real, down-to-earth and will meet you in the trenches 
  • Keep struggling until you find deep, lifelong friendships

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