Stories of Change & Creativity


May 08, 2022 My Mom Joan Season 3 Episode 44
Stories of Change & Creativity
Show Notes

Mother's Day Spotlight

On this episode, I'm super excited to share this interview with my MOM - Joan (pronounced Jo Ann).   She talks about what it was like to be a woman in the 1950's.  During our conversation, Mom and I discuss the importance of family, travel, love and the power of choice. 


My folks were from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and met in high school.  They started out with little money, worked hard and had to start over again in their 60's.   I've always admired their resilience. 


I asked Mom to share some wisdom for her 5 grandchildren.   

"If my grandchildren realized how important it is to be honest and decent, then that will get you through everything. ...."

"You are known by the friends you keep."

"Don't hide your light under a bushel."


"Every couple remembers the time that they fell in love.  It's always just a moment in time.'"

For my Mom and Dad, their moment was at the top of a carnival Ferris wheel. You'll hear her relive the story.    

  "I remember the touch, the colors, the lights.."

  "It just happens.."