Stories of Change & Creativity

Julie Bouche - The Journey Blueprint

September 10, 2022 Julie Bouche Season 3 Episode 47
Stories of Change & Creativity
Julie Bouche - The Journey Blueprint
Show Notes

Are you on a JOURNEY?   

What's your relationship between your body, your mind and food? Are you working through challenges related to food, health and body image?  Society and social media send mixed messages that can impact our mindset and behavior.  JULIE BOUCHE has traveled this journey. and now helps others.

JULIE is an Intuitive Eating Coach and Tiny Habits Certified Coach.  She helps people interested in transforming their mind, body and relationship with food.  Julie uses an intuitive, integrated approach to help others understand what to do when things get hard. 

Our bodies know what we need......we're born that way.  We know what we need as babies... we cry when we're hungry, we stop when we're full.   We intuitively know what our body is asking us for. At some point in the process, we lose that.  Whether it's conditioning, or whether its family habits, or whatever it is...we lose that ability to kind of sense what our body wants and needs, and to respect it.

 Intuitive eating is about coming back to us, coming back to ourselves

Julie's Bio:

Julie Bouche is an author (The Journey Blueprint), teacher (writing and literature), and all-around learning nerd.  Her own journeys have led her to becoming yoga, meditation, Intuitive Eating, embodiment (and a few more!) certified so she can share what has changed her life for the better.  Drawing from her time in the classroom, raising six kids, working in residential treatment, owning a small yoga studio, living in foreign countries, and life taking her in a completely different direction than she thought, Julie brings to any conversation an ability to get to the core of the issue and find the “and” behind the “either/or.”  As a student of journeys and the experiences that we have that are both unique and universal, her goal is to help support people in finding an empowered relationship with the process and framework of journeys and then begin creating the life they've longed for but couldn't seem to find.

She can be contacted at  Buy the book on Amazon or visit