Stories of Change & Creativity

Lisa Byrne - Movement Coach

March 13, 2021 LIsa Byrne Season 2 Episode 26
Stories of Change & Creativity
Lisa Byrne - Movement Coach
Show Notes

Lisa Byrne is an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Movement Coach.  I noticed her creative posts on Instagram.   Lisa inspires me to find simple ways to keep moving.  She is studio owner and the creative force behind MoveMoreToday, Pilates for Sport, GardenCore and The Sidekick Stick®.  Based in Pennsylvania, she works with adults in her studio and online via zoom. 

We talked about exercise and change.  Movement and mindset. 

Key Takeaways

  • Look for any opportunity to move
  • When you feel better you do better
  • 3 barriers to fitness:  no time, unsure what to do, hate exercise
  • Step into the start, mix up movements 
  • Lace up and go for a walk

Lisa Byrne contributes regularly to:

You can find out more about Lisa Byrne below. 

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